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Michael Julius

Presented By

Michael Julius
Director, edynamic and Drupal veteran

Michael brings nearly a decade and a half of web development experience to his role as Digital Strategist. During his stint, he has designed and implemented large-scale web platforms for clients including Thomson Reuters, Top Right Group, American Express, PBS Nova, and several others.


Deciding to use sophisticated digital experience platforms like Acquia Lift is one thing, but time and time again marketers do not realize measurable business revenue uplift, conversion improvement and the connected marketing ecosystem that these platforms represent. Join digital marketing and Acquia Lift veteran Michael Julius to learn how to drive business value in just 30 days, and then how to get to the single view of the customer across all channels.

This webinar will cover:

  • Why marketing is broken.
  • What is Time to Value?
  • Business Value in 30 Days.
  • Single View of the Customer – Time to Value’s “big brother”.
  • Marketing Nirvana - How to reach full cross channel digital maturity.
  • Case Studies.

Who should attend?

This webinar will outline edynamic’s steps to maturity model focused firstly on fast business and marketing results - and then reveal a tantalizing glimpse of full and achievable digital maturity. CMO’s, Digital Strategists, Technical Marketers, Digital Leaders, Digital Directors, Acquia Lift customers and prospects will all gain tremendous value from this webinar.